Miniature Litigation, Rent-A-Judge (RAJ)
What is it?

The self-evident solution for anyone wanting for his case to be determined by a judge without having to wait for it to be decided by the ordinary judicial system:
Rent a retired judge, present the case to him, and let him arrive at a decision in the normal way.

How does it come off?

The negotiations will normally not include any evidence given by the parties involved. The lawyers will present the case with their arguments as normal, whereupon the judge will arrive at his decision, if the dispute cannot be settled amicably.
Needless to say, the negotiations are not public.
The participants have bound themselves to secrecy.
The outcome is normally final and binding, but something different may be stipulated according to previous arrangement.

When is RAJ typically being used?

The solution is particularly suited for parties who want a quick and final settlement. Technically, the RAJ proceedings resemble those of arbitration, cf. the Arbitration Act.

Procedure and payment

On the whole, our Administration - phone: +45 8612 0277 - will be happy to be of assistance, both with information and contributing to the practical implementation of the process, so as to customize it for each specific case.

The expenditure is calculated on the basis of an hourly rate of DKK 1,800.00 + VAT + disbursements.
The expenditure for one day (7 hours) is limited to DKK 10,000.00 + VAT + disbursements.
Consultation and guidance (max. 1 hour) is free of charge.