Our fees are calculated on the basis of the time and specialist knowledge applied in connection with our legal assistance as well as the experience of our employees, the type and outcome of the case, and finally its value and importance to the client.

Invoicing is normally effected in connection with the closing of the case.

If, in connection with an agreement on legal assistance, the client makes a request for an indication of the fee involved, the Law Firm will supply a list of the most important elements involved in the assistance expected, including the estimated amount of the legal fee.

Since it is not possible to state a fixed remuneration in all cases, we supply a rough estimate of the way in which the fee will be calculated. Upon request, the client will further receive information about the disbursements we expect to be paying in connection with the case in question.

In consumer transactions, we supply the above information about the amount of the legal fee etc., whether the client requests this or not.

Special rules of calculating the fee apply to alternative dispute resolution cases.