The Bill Andersen Law Firm was established in 1988 and is in possession of lawyer Bill Andersen.

Today, the firm employs 4 lawyers, 2 secretaries and a junior secretary.

We are domiciled in the shopping centre of Ã…rhus, in modern, well-equipped offices.

The cases to which we devote our time cover a variety of fields, and we work with both commercial and private clients. We are a minor office, with a very high degree of personal service.

All our cases, be they large or minor, are treated with equal individual and meticulous concern, and with punctual execution. In our case management, we attach major importance to taking a comprehensive view of things, on being objective and prompt. We keep our clients currently informed of the state of their cases. We look forward to dealing with your case in our offices, and we hope that the way we shall be dealing with you and your particular case, will live up to your expectations in every respect.

In everything we perform, we aim at maintaining a high ethical and professional standard.